Thinking about donuts again? Rebel Donuts will do that to anyone. Come along, we’re about to head deep into the dough; we’re going to take a squiz at the shape of the donut. Why are some donuts a bit hole-y and others a bit … well, less so? Read on and find out.


Well, to start with, the ones with the holes in them are called ‘ring donuts’ and the ones without them are called ‘round donuts’. But, which one came first? As it turns out, the round donuts were the first on the scene, appearing in the form of the German stuffed fried dough cakes.


As it turns out, there are a hole bunch of theories as to how donuts eventually got their ring. And no one is 100% sure as to which is the correct one. I won’t tell you all of the hundreds and thousands, but I’ll share with you some of the best.

First up is a reason that’s short and sweet: donuts with holes cook faster than their filled counterparts. You’ve also got the theory that the beloved donut got its ring because some recipes from the good ol’ days recommended shaping the dough like an old-fashioned ring-shaped biscuit called a ‘jumble’.

Another one of these – and the last I’ll share with you today – is one of sudden inspiration, a moment of rebelliousness. The story goes that one day, a 16-year-old American called Hanson Gregory was on a ship when he got annoyed at the greasy, raw centres of traditional donuts. Hanson wouldn’t have it! He decided to get rid of the centre entirely, a technique he would later go on to teach his mother.

They’re all pretty interesting, but how does Rebel Donuts, the rebel, the myth, the legend, fit into all this?  


Now, if you’ve popped into a Rebel Donuts store before – and let’s be real here; I’m sure you have – you may have noticed (if you managed to stop drooling for a second) that we sell both ring donuts and round donuts. Why both? Well, you see, at Rebel Donuts, we understand that everyone’s a rebel in their own way. So, if you fancy a ring donut – we’ve got ‘em – and if round donuts are your jam – we sure have them, too.

Fancy grabbing some donuts and comparing them for yourself? Yes, you can eat them, too. Then get on down to your nearest Rebel Donuts store or click on the link below to start ordering now.

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