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Meet the wacky and wonderful pair behind Rebel Donuts

Ben and Hayley share a love for donuts, a passion for flavour and agree that a good donut (like a really good one) is worth the wait, worth the incredible first bite. So with some real guts and hunger, Ben and Hayley set out to give the world the fresh, original, magical donuts it deserves.

Where it all began

It all started with a curiosity for cinnamon. In 2014, Ben discovered there were two main types of cinnamon: the healthy, pure, organic ceylon cinnamon; and cassia cinnamon (the common, not-so-healthy cinnamon). The following year, Ben set out to make the perfect cinnamon scroll.

Ben’s (excessive) love for cinnamon took him to Sri Lanka in search of the perfect cinnamon to import for his scrolls. He then got thinking… is a cinnamon scroll enough to wow the people? What else could we use cinnamon for besides scrolls?

A short time later, Ben and Hayley travelled to Byron Bay for a holiday. On that trip they ventured to an organic market where they waited… and waited… and waited… for an amazing donut. It was worth the wait.

Both Ben and Hayley have always loved donuts and the thrill of that first incredible bite. Inspired by the drool-worthy Byron Bay donut, a dream transpired – opening their own donut shop. But corporate nine to five jobs and general life got in the way, until their love of donuts crept back stronger than ever.

In 2017, Ben had a dream about a magical donut shop where every donut was made from scratch. None of the ‘pre-mix’ stuff. He needed the real deal to go with his organic, pure ceylon cinnamon. The obsession was well and truly back.
Ben and Hayley knew what they kneaded (pun intended) to do. Their donuts had to be made from scratch, they had to be original, they had to incorporate local produce, they had to have that melt in your mouth taste, they had to be just right.

In January 2017, Ben and Hayley had one of the craziest, fun, chaotic, full-on and epic months ever – the first Rebel Donuts shop opened on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.
Since then, three other locations have opened becoming a donut hotspot, flavour station and sweet spot across Australia’s east coast.
Rebel Donuts encourages you to be brave, live on the edge and make your own rules.

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